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WelcomeThe day has come! Karl Urban Kiwi opens as a new website after five years of bringing you the latest news about our favourite actor through our forum, Facebook page and Twitter. It’s been weeks (or months actually) of hard work to, at last, launch this fan site, working on the contents and dealing with technical problems, which is what has most delayed this day, by the way. However, here we are! We hope that you enjoy this site as much as we do working on and updating it.

If you want to know more about us and this site, check the About section. And of course, we are open to any suggestions that help us to improve it, just contact us at admin@karlurban.net.

And nothing more to say! Well, just one thing:



12 pensamientos en “Welcome to Karl Urban Kiwi Net”

  1. Muy buenos los cambios Karl, ¿ Cuando te vemos por la Argentina?, donde te podemos promocionar para el papel de 007, Exitós totales, un fuerte y gran abrazo, saludos a la familia ¡¡¡¡¡

    1. Hola Andrea! Lamentablemente, esta web es un fan site no oficial (está toda la información en la sección “About”). En cualquier caso, gracias por tus palabras sobre la web y sobre Karl. Para promocionar a nuestro kiwi, lo mejor es mostrar tu apoyo en la red: aquí, en foros de actores y cine, en páginas de fans de facebook, twitter y todo lo que se te ocurra. Un saludo!

  2. So love this new website. It shows that a lot of hard work has been put into for the past 5 years from you all. 10 gold stars to this site guys. And I’m a long time Karl Urban fan. I’ve been his fan since day one. His such an awesome actor and though I haven’t met him yet, I would love to one day when he comes back to Australia and does Supanova Pop Culture Expo again. His my idol and my hero. :-)

      1. Your welcome Lady B. It comes from the heart when I do say that. I think this is the best fan website I’ve seen in a long time. I’ve seen some other ones in the past and thought they look great, but this one, is the best by far, hands down. I think if Karl saw this site, he would be blown away by the amount of work that has been put in and if he saw the comments that some of us has out about this site, he will be really touched by it. :-)

        1. Now, I’m really moved by your words. We’re working on this site to share all the material we’ve found over the years, and words like yours encourage us to keep going. Thanks a lot Kylie, really!

          1. Your welcome. :-). I reckon someone should mention this site to him. I know that he is a very busy man these days, but I reckon we should do a shout on the Facebook page, so whoever goes to see him at a convention he is doing, no matter where which convention he is doing, someone should pass out the website for him, so when he gets the chance and the time, he can check it out for himself and see if he will leave a comment on the site. :-)

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