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KarlUrbanKiwi Net Updates

New fan art this week

After the slap in the face that was the news about Almost Human cancellation last Wednesday, we feel that all of us need something nice to get over the shocking news. And, what’s better than a good bunch of fan art? Check our updates!

  • New icon galleries from several Karl’s roles: Aran Dravyk from The Privateers, Rob from The Price of Milk, Woodrow F. Call from Comanche Moon, Kirill from The Bourne Supremacy and many more here.
  • New banners from Shortland Street and The Bourne Supremacy here.
  • New wallpaper with images of Karl at Salt Lake Comic Con here.
  • New gallery with lots of new wallpapers by Karli here.

And finally, here you have the new calendar for this month. Enjoy it! We hope that all this new fan art helps to cheer you up a little.