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New images from Ottawa Comic Con and more updates

We have tons of new images from the last cons that Karl has attended this year: Salt Lake, Vancouver, Orlando, Seattle and of course, last weekend’s Ottawa Comic Con. Check them!

Karl Urban at Ottawa Comic Con last weekend

Karl Urban at Ottawa Comic Con last weekend

But we have more updates!

  • Finally, HQ caps from Karl’s interview for Watch channel for the UK release of Almost Human.

Enjoy our latest updates and don’t miss the video interview for Watch!

Stay tuned for more updates later this week!

Dredd special screening (600x188)

Update: Full Q&A from Dredd special screening at ECCC

If you missed Dredd special screening at last weekend’s Emerald City Comicon, you have the chance to watch it now. 2000 AD has shared the full Q&A session which took place before the screening of the movie. Dredd: Underbelly writer Arthur Wyatt and Dredd concept artist Jock were with Karl Urban at Cinerama in Seattle in this special event during ECCC.

And if you love Dredd, this may interest you as well: 2000 AD has launched for pre-order the DREDD Illustrated Movie Script and Visuals by screenwriter Alex Garland and concept artist Jock. There are very few copies left of the hardback edition, so you must be quick to order it!


Update: Video from ECCC with a message to Dredd fans & April calendar

New video from last weekend’s Emerald City Comicon. Karl Urban sent a very special message to those fans who have supported the Dredd sequel campaign on Facebook and who have signed the petition. If you haven’t signed it yet, do it now!

And April has begun and here’s the new calendar. There is a second version added at our section Calendar 2014. Hope you like them!