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Short Poppies


April 1, 2014 (TVNZ Ondemand, New Zealand)
April 3, 2014 (Netflix, USA)
Late 2014 (TV One, New Zealand)

Official Synopsis

Journalist David Farrier goes on a quest to small town New Zealand to find the average Kiwi. What he finds in this mockumentary series, is a lovable bunch of people who are anything but ordinary or average. Each week he meets a new local, all played by Rhys Darby.


Karl Urban as Alex Turnbull and Rhys Darby as Mary Ledbetter in episode 4 of "Short Poppies"

Karl Urban as Alex Turnbull and Rhys Darby as Mary Ledbetter in episode 4 of “Short Poppies”

Rhys Darby — Terry Pole, Steve Whittle, Ron Taylor, Mary Ledbetter, Bill Napier, Louise Cooper, Rhod Gainer, Hayden Clarke
David Farrier — Himself
Jonno Roberts— Mike the Cop
Georgia Hatzis — Georgina
Josh Thomson —  Jason
Finn Darby — Fauna Napier
Guest Stars:
Karl Urban — Alex Turnbull
Bear Grylls — Himself
Jesse Griffin — Carl Marks
Craig Parker — Lifeguard Jim
Sam Neill — Mr. Neal
Stephen Merchant — Roger Fairweather


Bear Grylls as himself and Rhys Darby as Bill Nappier in episode 5 of "Short Poppies"

Bear Grylls as himself & Rhys Darby as Bill Nappier in episode 5 of “Short Poppies”

 Created by Rhys Darby

 Directed by:
Jemaine Clement — Episodes 1 & 4
Michelle Walshe — Series director

 Written by:
Rhys Darby
Rossie Carnahan-Darby
Grant Lobban
Guy Roberts
Justine Smith

Sam Neill as Mr. Neal in episode 6 of "Short Poppies"

Sam Neill as Mr. Neal in episode 6 of “Short Poppies”

 Produced by:
Cass Avery — producer
Rosie Carnahan-Darby — executive producer
Leon Kirkbeck — executive producer
Paul Simms — consulting producer

Production Companies:
• Augusto
• Awesomeness International

Official websites

Short Poppies on Twitter
Rhys Darby Facebook & Twitter
David Farrier Facebook & Twitter
Augusto website

Karl’s role

Karl Urban plays Alex Turnbull, Mary Ledbetter’s gay hairdresser who works at Blow n Wave Salon. Karl has a short but hilarious appearance in episode 4, Mary Ledbetter, and a cameo in episode 8, The Finale. Both appearances together don’t make even four minutes. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t miss them! Have a closer look at Karl’s facial expressions, it’s worth it!

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Episode List

01×01 – Terry Pole
Television entertainment reporter visits and interviews extraordinary New Zealanders who are from the first small town. His first interviewee is lifeguard Terry Pole. Guest stars: Craig Parker, Stephen Merchant.

01×02 – Steve Whittle
David’s next interviewee is ufologist, alien enthusiast and conspiracy theorist, Steve Whittle. We also briefly meet, Bill Napier and Ron Taylor.

01×03 – Ron Taylor
David visits conservationist, Ron Taylor.

01×04 – Mary Ledbetter
On this episode, Rhys Darby plays Mary Ledbetter, a woman who rules this small town with an iron fist. She’s the local gossip and a full time agitator and a day in her company will test David Farrier’s patience to the limit. Guest star: Karl Urban.

01×05 – Bill Napier
David next sees Department of Conservation head ranger, Bill Napier. Bill becomes obsessed with his missing coffee mug and ends up having a scuffle with his brother in law at a family kite event. Guest star: Bear Grylls.

01×06 – Louise Cooper
David visits local artist, Louise Cooper. Mary Ledbetter makes a brief appearance. Guest star: Sam Neill.

01×07 – Rhod Gainer
David catches up with local lawyer and car enthusiast, Rhod Gainer. Guest star: Jesse Griffin.

01×08 – The Finale
David Farrier returns to the town for a screening of what the network have made. But no one is happy with how they’ve been portrayed and what was supposed to be a heartfelt reunion turns into a mutiny. Guest star: Karl Urban (uncredited).

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