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Second season for Almost Human, almost here

This last Monday, FOX published its schedule for May which includes “ massive television events, series premieres and season finales, as well as all-new episodes with big guest stars“. This wouldn’t seem very interesting at first, but after a closer look at the schedule, FOX may have left a hint about the future of Almost Human. An encore of Almost Human finale will be aired on Saturday, May 17, followed by an encore of The Following finale, which is already renewed. This would be no big deal, if it weren’t for the fact that FOX has included the broadcast of the finale among the HIGHLIGHTS on the channel for this May. That is the important word here, highlights.  And another important thing! In the list, the episode is described as the “Season ONE finale“. So, does it mean that there will be a season TWO? It all points to that now.

Here’s a screencap from FOX’s original note on Facebook:

Remember that May is the month in which FOX will announce its 2014 upfront. In the afternoon of May 12th, we’ll know at last if Almost Human is renewed or (Heaven forbid!) cancelled. That’s just 5 days before the  airing of the encore of the series finale. So, why not make the announcement of the renewal and then programming the last episode of the season after only a few days of the big announcement to get more public?

The truth is that the renewal of the sci-fi series is now more than likely. However, we should wait till the official announcement to finally breath easy.

Source: FOX note on Facebook

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