By Thomas M. Frederiksen

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This will not occur if the transition is from lower energy state to higher energy state. When such photon radiation takes place, the number of photons liberated is very large. This is explained with a numercial example given below. 2 For a given 50 W energy vapour lamp. 1 % of the electric energy supplied to the lamp, appears in the ultraviolet line 2,537 AO. Calculate the number of photons per second, of this wavelength emitted by the lamp. Solution A= 12,400 (E2 - E\) A = Wavelength of the emitted radiation.

Projected Graticule External Graticule is screened outside the CRT screen. The Internal Graticule is screened inside the CRT screen. Projected Graticule is provided with some covers and allow greater flexibility in graticule pattern. Cathode in CRTs is a nickel cylinder with a layer of barium and strontium oxide deposited over it, to obtain high electron emission at moderate temperatures. Voltages applied to the acceleration anode vary from 250V to 10,OOOY. The grid is biased negative with respect to cathode.

It is at a po,>itive potential and returns secondary electrons to the cathode. Dual trace CRO enable the portrayal of two vertical beams. It consists of a single beam ('RT. le time base generator and t\\O identical vertical amplifiers. with an electronic switch. CI hi~ switch alternati\ el)' connects each vertical channel of CRT. after each sweep. \IE BASE This permits an operator to display voltage or current variations in time. Many AC signals are functions of time. So it is an essential feature.

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