By Cornelia Neeltju van der Weele

Pictures of improvement questions the dominant organic technique of explaining animal improvement as fullyyt genetic by way of exploring the explanatory worth of investigating environmental affects. Van der Weele discusses assumptions, explanatory styles, and conceptual instruments in developmental and evolutionary biology and stories many concrete examples of environmental impression in animal improvement. She offers views from biology, philosophy of technological know-how, and ethics in an integrative method.

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Infinitely many mathematical relations are possible, of widely different form. Clearly, 63 Images of Development Explanations in Their Theoretical Context mathematics, like symbolic logic, is a developed, flexible, and precise means of expressing relations. An emphasis on process is inherent, for example, in differential equations, which describe rates of change of a particular process in relation to a set of variables and parameters. One point of caution is that mathematical equations as such have no causal significance.

Hempel and Oppenheim's (1 936) Der TypusbegriJf im Lichte der Neuen Logik focused attention on some philosophically and practi­ cally important reasons for replacing monadic predicates by relations. " This gives unavoidable trouble in cases where differences are gradual (such as when Mary is taller than John, who is in turn taller than Paul) . In such cases, concepts are needed that can generate gradual orderings. Comparative concepts like "is x-er than" (where x may be any characteristic) are relations that do the work in these cases.

Let us turn to the pragmatics of theories. approach tries to maximize realism at the molecular level, downplay­ ing the need for general laws. Structuralism aims to maximize lawful generality, downplaying the need for molecular detail; constructionism can probably be said to aim at realism on the level of interactive causation, sacrificing biological generality. Trade- Offs Linguistic Choices: Metaphors There are many requirements for an ideal theory of the Railton­ Salmon type: it should be precise, realistic, coherent, general, well­ confirmed, comprehensive, and so forth.

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