By Harry Hamernik

There's extra to nice cartooning than drawing a humorous face. you want to fit that head to a physique, provide your personality expression and perspective, and stream him this manner and that to inform your tale, all whereas retaining his glance constant from body to border. Cartoon 360 covers each perspective of drawing awesome caricature humans, from bobbing up with clean principles for an unending collection of faces, to bringing your paintings to a cultured, specialist end with inking and coloring. * Harry Hamernik's 3-dimensional drawing strategy is helping you layout enjoyable comic strip characters from head to toe AND draw them time and again, from any perspective and in any pose you want.
* Easy-to-follow demonstrations convey the start-to-finish evolution of various personality forms and poses.
* each web page is loaded with enjoyable examples and specialist secrets and techniques, just like the striking strength of function spacing and head top measurements.
A power-packed, must-have advisor for someone who desires to draw cartoons, this booklet comprises adequate talents and insights to head around—for characters that pop off the page.

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36 Idiot’s Guides: Drawing Draw the dot and lines lightly with a 4B pencil. The vanishing point is always at the viewer’s eye level. a dot a few inches from 1 Draw the top of your page and centered. This is the vanishing point for the one-point perspective you will construct. 5cm) below the dot, place your ruler parallel to the bottom of the page and draw a 3½-inch (9cm) wide line. Then draw two lines that connect the ends of the line to the dot. 75cm) above and parallel to the other horizontal line.

When the edges of these basic shapes curve upward, as they do at the eaves of the roof and in the rows of stones, it creates the illusion that the structure rises above the viewer. 44 Idiot’s Guides: Drawing Use the sides of the paper as a visual reference to draw the vertical and horizontal lines. a 4B pencil, create a pale 1 With construction. Begin this by drawing a vertical axis and a shorter crossing axis. For the roof, draw a triangular shape that is evenly divided by the axis. Draw the left side of the tower a little longer than the right side.

Cross contour lines appear inside a shape and describe curved surfaces with arcing lines and flat surfaces with straight lines. Shade the areas by drawing small, curved lines in the apple shape and straight, horizontal lines in the cast shadow shape. 50 Idiot’s Guides: Drawing 4 The contours are defined in most places with soft shading, not lines. The darkest areas appear darker when they are next to a light area. 5 Intensify values and gradations to develop the illusion of depth and light. The shaded area of the lower apple and the cast shadow should have a fairly even tone when you shut one eye and squint.

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