By Lin Piao, Chou En-lai

Speeches and reviews from Tienamin sq. and Mao's assembly with thousands of purple Guards in the course of the peak of the Cultural Revolution. a very contemporaneous account of the day

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21 All this was not just idle rhetoric, but a diagnostic assessment of the prevailing turmoil and conditions in the society, which the Guru felt, needed to be changed. It needs to be emphasised that in Guru Nanak’s ideology, there was nothing like private or personal salvation. Just as God of Love is benevolently looking after the entire world, in the same way, the Godman’s sphere of activity and responsibility is equally wide, and is unhedged by any self-created barriers. This is, as we shall see, a fundamental difference between a salvation religion catering for individuals, and a universal religion catering for the spiritual well-being of society as a whole.

Obviously, in this short paper, we shall only give an outline of the Sikh worldview. We shall start with a definition of the Fundamental Reality or God in Sikhism. God in Sikhism: The Reality or God has been profusely defined in Guru Granth Sahib. Guru Nanak calls Him “Karta Purkh” or “Creator Person”, the world being His creation. , He is a God of Attributes. In defining the fundamental nature of God, the Guru says, “Friends ask me what is the mark of the Lord. ”1 Thus, the key to understanding the Sikh worldview is that God is Love.

Her sight destroys prayer, penance and meditation. ’ 16 It is well-known that even today in Catholic Christianity, a woman is not ordained as a priest. ”17 All this has been explained to stress that the basic perceptions about the nature of the spiritual experience and the ontological 18 Reality being different, the spiritual paths, under the two categories of systems, become automatically divergent. Further, the acceptance of a householder’s life has important empirical and socio-political implications.

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