By Day; Frey; Howard; Hutchens; Luchin; McC

Commence SmartUnit 1 - Algebra and FunctionsUnit 2 - quantity feel: FranctionsUnit three - Algebra and quantity experience: Proportions and PercentsUnit four - information, info research, and ProbabilityUnit five - Geometry and MeasurementStandard assessment

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CIRCUS The table displays the ticket prices for the circus. For one show, 180 adult tickets, 360 child tickets, 70 student tickets, and 50 senior tickets were sold. Find the total income from tickets for the one show. 2. EARNINGS Dolores earns $9 an hour and worked a total of 75 hours this month. Dexter earns $7 an hour and worked a total of 94 hours this month. How much more did Dolores earn this month than Dexter? Ticket Prices Adult $5 Student $4 Child $2 Senior $3 3. 8 feet long. 8 feet less than the length, what is the total distance around the courtyard?

1 12. 7 13. 11 14. 16 15. 20 16. 18 17. 34 Find each square root. 18. √4 19. √16 20. √49 21. √100 22. √144 23. √256 24. √529 25. √625 26. MEASUREMENT Emma’s bedroom is shaped like a square. What are the dimensions of the room if the area of the floor is 196 square feet? 27. SPORTS For the floor exercise, gymnasts perform their tumbling skills on a mat that has an area of 1,600 square feet. How much room does a gymnast have to run along one side of the mat? 28. What is the square of 12? 29. Find the square of 19.

Depart from the train station if they need to arrive in the city no later than noon? 11. COOKING Mr. M. The 15-pound turkey has to cook 3 minutes for every pound and then cool for at least 45 minutes. What is the latest time he can start frying? 12. ESTIMATION Terry opened a savings account in December with $132 and saved $27 each month beginning in January. Estimate the value of Terry’s account in July. Then calculate the amount and evaluate the reasonableness of your estimate. 13. 28 FIND THE DATA Refer to the California Data File on pages 16–19 of your book.

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