By John Mccann, Monica Sweeney

Get pleasure from 4 of Shakespeare's tragedies informed with LEGO bricks. listed here are Hamlet, Macbeth, Romeo and Juliet, and Julius Caesar enacted scene by means of scene, captioned by way of excerpts from the performs. turn via 1000 colour photos as you get pleasure from Shakespeare's iconic poetry and wonder at what could be performed with the world's most well-liked children's toy.

Watch the brick Hamlet supply his well-known "To be or to not be" soliloquy, and think brick Ophelia's grief as she meets her watery finish. girl Macbeth in brick shape brings new terror to "Out, out, rattling spot!" and brick Romeo and Juliet are not any much less star-crossed for being oblong and plastic. the nice and cozy familiarity of bricks lends levity to Shakespeare's tragedies whereas final actual to his unique language.

The excellent e-book for Shakespeare lovers, in addition to a enjoyable approach to introduce youngsters to Shakespeare's masterpieces, this ebook employs Shakespeare's unique, attribute language in abridged shape. notwithstanding the language remains actual to its origins, the original layout of those famous tragedies will supply readers a brand new method to get pleasure from essentially the most well known playwrights in background.

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Wise people think he will soon run himself into the grave. TRANSLATION ACT I A room in the residence of the Countess Olivia. qxp 26 5/15/08 11:44 PM Page 26 Twelfth Night SIR TOBY By this hand, they are scoundrels and substractors that say so of him. Who are they? MARIA They that add, moreover, he’s drunk nightly in your company. SIR TOBY With drinking healths to my niece. I’ll drink to her as long as there is a passage in my throat and drink in Illyria. He’s a coward and a coystrill that will not drink to my niece till his brains turn o’ the toe like a parish-top.

Qxp 5/15/08 11:44 PM Page 45 Twelfth Night Madam, the young messenger insists on speaking to you. I told him you were ill. He pretends to be knowledgeable and wants to talk with you. I told him you were sleeping. He refuses to be fooled by that excuse and insists on speaking with you. What shall I tell him, Countess? He is prepared for every excuse. OLIVIA Tell him he can’t see me. MALVOLIO I told him. He declares that he will stay at your door like a sheriff’s deputy. He will be a leg on the judge’s bench.

MARIA You will die of boozing. The Countess mentioned your bad habits yesterday. She talked of the silly courtier you brought here one night to romance her. SIR TOBY Are you referring to Sir Andrew Aguecheek? MARIA Yes. SIR TOBY He is as fine a man as any in Illyria. MARIA What do you mean? SIR TOBY He earns about $10,000 a year. MARIA His money won’t last out the year. He’s a wasteful fool. SIR TOBY Shame on you for saying that. He plays the violincello, speaks three or four languages fluently, and is naturally gifted.

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