By Kuldeep S. Labana, Surinder S. Banga, Shashi K. Banga

From gruesome duckling of agricultural vegetation to the Cinderella crop, the importance of oilseed brassicas in foreign alternate has elevated enormously with international produc tion having virtually trebled long ago 3 a long time. Over thirteen. 2% of the world's suitable for eating oil requirement is now met from this resource. The stimulus for this dramatic reversal used to be supplied by means of the id of rapeseed genotypes with vastly decreased degrees of nutritionally bad erucic acid and meal glucosinolates in the course of the early Nineteen Sixties. on account that then, rapeseed breeding has been orientated in the direction of the necessity to enhance oil caliber. even though previous achievements were extraordinary, better strides are anticipated in upgrading productiveness during the improvement ofF hybrids and higher mobiliza 1 tion of genetic range to be had in wild allies. fresh emphasis on mobile and molec ular biology can assist to circumvent sexual constraints for genetic enrichment of crop bras sicas, and to minimize the time-frame for cultivar improvement. the current e-book used to be conceived to collect serious and complete studies on study methods, achievements and barriers to breeding larger brassicas. because the ebook has a robust useful bias, sure subject matters like taxonomy, cytogenetics, and so forth. are handled in fairly lesser element. hence, 'Brassica vegetation and wild allies', edited by means of S. Tsunoda, okay. Hinata and C. Gomez-Campa, will function an awesome spouse booklet. it's a subject of colossal sorrow that the senior editor, Prof. ok. S.

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Breeding Oilseed Brassicas

From grotesque duckling of agricultural plants to the Cinderella crop, the importance of oilseed brassicas in foreign exchange has elevated significantly with international produc tion having nearly trebled long ago 3 a long time. Over thirteen. 2% of the world's fit for human consumption oil requirement is now met from this resource.

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1960). 1. 2. 3. 4. The treatment should cause only pollen abortion and not affect ovule fertility. It should have no mutagenic effect. The method of application should be easy and economical. e. the effects should be reproducible. 5. There should be no undue hazards either to man or plant. · Very few researchers have evaluated the use of chemical hybridizing agents in Brassica. In Indian mustard, Banga and Labana (1983b, 1984b) and Banga et al. ( 1986) have reported some work on this aspect. Three chemicals, namely Ethephon, GA 3 and DPX 3778 were evaluated.

The outcrossing varied from 19 to 79%. To evaluate the seed set on the male sterile (ogu) plants of B. napus (Renard et al. 1987), four isolated plots of spring plants of rapeseed were established with 5, 10, 20, and 30% male fertile parent, the rest being with cytoplasmic male sterile parent. pod set (95%) was comparable to that of male fertile control, from 10% mixtures and above. The number of seeds per pod, seed size, and seed weight per plant were all higher in male sterile cybrids than for the related male fertile donors.

Care must be taken to exclude S alleles very high up in the dominance series. Partial exploitation of heterosis is also feasible by producing inbred (homozygous for S alleles) x variety cross. F 1 hybrid seed can be harvested from the inbred lines sown in alternating blocks with the pollinator variety. The resultant hybrid will be uniform for the morphological characters but much varied for S allele composition. This will ensure normal seed setting on F 1 plants. The S allele homozygote can be maintained by inducing self seed setting through C02 treatment.

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