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He said to Boy, "On Earth, practically no animals, save man, have voice boxes. Some that do, such as the parrot, the Myna bird, and, to a certain extent, the higher anthropoid apes, have insufficient brain capacity to utilize them intelligently. " "Okay," Boy said and stretched out on the floor. "Now wait a minute," Dorn blurted. "This isn't a farce, is it? " "No. Certainly not," Fredric told him, after taking a sip of his coffee. "When our people left Earth for Einstein, we brought with us quite a bit of the fauna of the mother planet.

My name's Rosemary and my identification number is F-123-B-1495. " "But you've got to have a family. " "There are no, well, orphans, on Einstein. Either that, or I suppose that you could say we're all orphans. " Ronny said plaintively, "You've got to have families. " "No there hasn't," she told him. "Certainly not in the sense in which you're speaking. I would imagine that for ninety percent of the history of the human race, the pairing family, such as you still know it on Earth and elsewhere in United Planets, was unknown.

Confound it," Ronny said. " "People who are competent to do so, and who are particularly fond of children. There are always ample volunteers to go into that field of endeavor," She came to her feet and said, "But I'm being a terrible hostess again. Dorn, I note that you have a taste for Italian food. Would you like a glass of Marsala as a nightcap? I can recommend it. " They both accepted and she went off for it. Ronny said to Dorn, "I've still got a good many questions, obviously, but it still sounds like a Utopia to me.

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