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In fact, a simple personal computer (PC) with a BS interface can be used. However, with such a simple test equipment, large BSEAs would take a long time to test, which would make them expensive. The main reason is the need to perform test vector serialization. This operation reformats the test vectors in order to obtain the serial bitstreams that are applied by the BS infrastructure. , 1993): 1. Run-time software serialization. A software program produces bitstreams from the parallel test data, which are serially applied as they are being INTRODUCTION 11 output.

In this chapter one begins to make use of some of the numerous symbols that constitute the notation of this book. These symbols will be introduced as needed, but, should the reader forget the meaning of a particular symbol, a complete list is given in the last pages of the book for a quick reference. 2 presents the interconnect fault models. 3. 6, the EAs under consideration only contain BS compliant ICs interconnected by wires. Each interconnect net will be driven by an output BSC or an EA primary input, and the applied signal will be received by an input BSC or an EA primary output.

In terms of diagnosis, the concern is of course with disruptive defects and failures. These are of two basic types: Short circuit: when a spurious connection between two distinct nets is created. 2, some disruptive defects or failures are illustrated: and are opens; and are interconnect shorts; and are shorts to power and ground nets, respectively. The distinction between defects and failures does not matter at this level, and one can simply talk about the faults they cause. For example, net in 1 The name open suggests that a conductive path is actually broken, while this definition only requires the path to be weakened.

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