By N. Aslanbeigui, Young Back Choi

In recent times there was expanding discontent with the summary nature of mainstream economics. not just does this make the topic much less proper to genuine concerns, it drives a wedge among economics and different disciplines ostensibly addressing an analogous concerns. Borderlands of Economics explores the ways that economics could be reconnected, either with the true global and with different disciplines.

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Five chapters on the public economy shifted the emphasis from taxes and spending to discussion of large public policy issues, including war and defense, cities and the urban ghetto, and the natural environment. These chapters focused not on theoretic analysis but on the political and institutional factors involved. The earlier chapters presented economic theory as a way of thinking about basic issues and problems, while the later chapters applied that way of thinking, but not necessarily the theory itself.

D. but they also earned their complete independence. Contrary to the profession’s current norm, Fusfeld did not use our ‘research as an input into his own’, nor did he ask us to joint-author our work. Our relationship changed to that of colleagues. He remains interested in our careers. He reads our work, uses his mastery of ‘the historical and theoretical literature’ to guide our research, and when appropriate sends us unsolicited letters, praising our efforts along with detailed suggestions for improvement.

More than ever I came to reject the underlying value system of the modern economy and the economic theory of the market that supported it. Perhaps that was one reason why I was drawn to Abram Bergson’s class on the Soviet economy and its analysis of the economics of planning. It was an alternative to be explored, particularly in view of the importance of the Soviet Union in the post-war world. And, as Bergson said, we study the Soviet economy to understand our own. I was later to explore worker-managed enterprise in Yugoslavia, the Israeli kibbutz, the Mondragon enterprises in Spain, and related movements in the United States, as another alternative.

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