By Albert Pike

This is Pike at his most sensible! Masonry is permeated with strong symbolism-both verbal and pictorial-that arouses the psychological, non secular, and highbrow lifetime of those that use them. This tremendous attention-grabbing learn, as soon as constrained to a hundred and fifty copies, supplies the right kind spelling of, and analyzes the entire ''significant words'' (pass phrases, etc.) in, the Scottish ceremony from the first via thirtieth levels inclusive. as well as being an etymological dictionary Pike explains WHY any given observe was once selected for a given measure thereby revealing THE HIDDEN SYMBOLISM of every be aware. Illustrated and hugely urged!

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4,-am a Hebrew name, ('Aram-es, Heeincs ? ') Hernici-as, a . 4sac1, Baal Hcrnmon the Mount of Hermaon who is Hermes, Huram, a Deity-name (Option), k c. S). --Movzs, 199 . 'And the &nrios is the Spirit' •? Cor. iii. 17. ' Luke, ii. ' 56 TEE BOOS Of TEE WORDS . From the same root came Hercules and Heracles, whom the Egyptians called Khonso or Fhon, the Strength and Potency of the Gods or Deity. Heracles was the symbol of the Sun, and of the Power which the Egyptians venerated in that orb. 4) i-its, Most Potent Ring).

60), a Sin,,, crowned, holding the San in one hand and the moon in the other, and standing on a thorny tree, with two branches, at the ends of which are flowers, one seeming to be a rose and the other a lily . Ud, in another (p. 661, a woman sitting on a fish with an immense mouth, with a crescent over her head, holds a bow in one hand, and on the other, which is held up, rests the end of an inverted phallus . The principal Symbol is a Delta, having its apex downward, in one upper corner the Sun and in the other the Moon, and over these the words Aitima, 'Zpiritus.

Ii. 22. And, 2 Clroni . ir. ' "':N 7 , 1 7, David my father," Salomoh says : and we have abiu already seen, 1 ihgs,, rii. 14, the phrase aish Tsnrai, his father (was) a man of Ts-zur. There needs no more to prove that it is simply absurd to write and talk about Hiram 4bijT ; as if the Hebrews had suras we have Snmitb, Joows and names, and one of these was Jolvison . M. ; and with the ridiculous pretence that degrees were conferred in the Sanctum Sanctorum . But what was the meaning of the word abi, as applied to Khur lm?

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