By Harold E. Himwich and Williamina A. Himwich (Eds.)

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However, it must be stressed that the technique offers no direct possibilities to differentiate between primary catecholamines in the fluorescence microscope. g. their content in the tissues. According to Schumann (1956) noradrenergic nerves contain both NA and DA in equal quantities. However, later experiments of Bertler and Rosengren (1959) showed that appreciable quantities of DA occur in peripheral tissues only in ruminants and did not confirm Schiimann’s findings (1958, 1959) concerning the occurrence of DA in dog tissues.

AND BRODIE,B. , (1962a); The effect of drugs on storage and release of serotonin and catecholamines in brain. Pharmacological Analysis of central nervous Action. Vol. 8. W. D. M. Paton and P. Lindgren, Editors. Proceedings of the First International Pharmacological Meeting. Oxford, Pergamon Press (pp. 43-71). , GESSA,G. , AND BRODIE,B. , (1962b); A differential action of reserpine on brain dopamine stores in rabbit. Life Sciences, 11, 599-604. CROUT,J. , CREVELING, c. R.. , (1961); Norepinephrine metabolism in rat brain and heart.

In this way the method offers a possibility to differentiate between primary and secondary catecholamines as well as between catecholamines and tryptamines. The fluorescence that develops on formaldehyde treatment has been studied in a large number of different tissues from both vertebrates and invertebrates. So far the reaction conditions for the development of such fluorescence and the properties of the condensation products have shown the same characteristics as are valid for biogenic monoamines in model systems (pure substances included in dry protein films).

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