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REACHING AGREEMENT WITH THE OFFICE OF MANAGEMENT AND BUDGET 29 three companies who had declared that they would definitely bid on FTS2000? Wouldn't this make the Government more captive to the vendors? How could GSA break up the requirements into two bid packages? When GSA ended up with two networks, how would they manage interconnection, both normally and in times of emergency? And, the most severe problem, how would they transition two systems with the attendant risk of adding complexity to an already risky transition?

On December 22, in a final letter from GSA to OMB, Golden indicated that agreement had been reached on all items and that he intended to issue the RFP. THE RFP IS RELEASED The team had committed to Golden a year earlier that GSA would have the RFP ready for release before the end of 1986 and it was ready and printed for release on December 31. This was due to the exceptional efforts of Irvine, his team, and MITRE, all of whom worked through the Christmas holiday to ensure the release. All of the efforts with the customer agencies, the vendors, the press, OMB, and other interests had paid off.

The panel was given access to all documentation concerning the FTS2000 project for their detailed analysis. It then first met for a two-day session on February 13 and 14, 1986. The first session was to hear from a variety of sources as to FTS replacement issues and alternative approaches. Golden attended the panel deliberations throughout their proceedings. There were several formal presentations: the stage was set with the history of the FTS, then the panel heard from Howard Anderson of the Yankee Group who in general terms endorsed the approach (particularly fully integrated services).

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