By Hans Christian Öttinger

Past Equilibrium Thermodynamics fills a distinct segment out there by means of offering a finished creation to a brand new, rising subject within the box. the significance of non-equilibrium thermodynamics is addressed to be able to absolutely know how a method works, if it is in a organic method just like the mind or a approach that develops plastic. so as to recognize the topic, the ebook sincerely explains the actual strategies and arithmetic concerned, in addition to proposing difficulties and ideas; over 2 hundred workouts and solutions are incorporated. Engineers, scientists, and utilized mathematicians can all use the ebook to deal with their difficulties in modelling, calculating, and knowing dynamic responses of fabrics.

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80ttinger, Phys. Rev. E 57 (1998) 1416. 7 of Maugin, Thermomechanics of Nonlinear Irreversible Behaviors (World Scientific, 1999). TO BE EXPECTED, OR NOT TO BE EXPECTED 7 When we consider a general list of state variables, containing the hydrodynamic fields and additional structural variables, then we are immediately faced with the following questions: although the form of the time-evolution equations for the hydrodynamic variables is fixed by the balance equations, what is the general form of the time-evolution equations for the additionalstructural variables?

It is therefore recommended to work through all the exercises (completely worked-out solutions are given in Appendix F). In particular, when exercises appear in the middle of a section rather than at the end, they should be recognized as signals: they offer help to understand some mathematical details or further material for appreciatingconcepts, or they are simply there to make the reader pause and think. All the exercises are numbered consecutively to emphasize that they run like a thread through the book and are the key to a deep understanding of thermodynamics.

Phase diagrams thermal engines experiment kinetic theory intuition, symmetries ... m i x i n Q , p “ration, solidl catlon under flow Fig. 1 A comparison of the foundations, formulations and applications of equilibrium and nonequilibrium thermodynamics. C. Ottinger, Appl. Rheol. 9 (1999) 17. ] The fundamental role of symmetries in specifying equilibrium systems puts equilibrium thermodynamicson a quite rigorous footing. Beyond-equilibriumthermodynamics is in a fundamental sense less rigorous than its equilibrium counterpart.

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