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It is a question with which an infinite number of emotional values seem connected, and yet it is only a question of terminology. " W e are indebted to Driesch for the first clear and unprejudiced formulation of the problem which, following him, and with reference to what has been said hitherto, we can express as follows: Must we, in order to satisfy the law of causality in the domain of life, ascribe to the body besides the properties (state variables) of physics and chemistry, also other, qualitatively different properties?

He who sows cannot therefore judge the worth of the corn. " 7 These enduring features arise, according to Mach, from the fact that all possible theories must give the same connection between phenomena; this very fact guarantees a certain constancy. The known connections among phenomena form a network; the theory seeks to pass a continuous surface through the knots and threads of the net. Naturally, the smaller the meshes, the more closely is the surface fixed by the net. Hence, as our experience progresses the surface is permitted less and less play, without ever being unequivocally determined by the net.

From the fact that a world which is accessible to our organs is also understood to be dependent on these organs, from the fact that we understand a world as being subjectively conditioned, it does not follow that an objective world is in any case possible. W h o prevents us from thinking that subjectivity is real, essential? The 'in itself' is a contradictory conception, to be sure: a 'quality in itself' is nonsense: we have the concept 'being,' 'thing,' always only as a relation concept. .

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