By Julie Framingham, Martell L. Teasley

''Foreword Behavioral future health reaction to failures catastrophe behavioral health and wellbeing has come some distance in a quick period of time. The booklet you carry on your arms (or probably view in your Kindle e-reader) encompasses an array of themes virtually incredible even 25 years in the past. It covers the jobs and obligations of presidency and nongovernmental firms and the mixing of behavioral healthiness into public health Read more...

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It is essential for disaster responders, government officials, and others desiring to be of service to survivors to understand the complex network of federal, state, and local resources for dealing with disasters. Finally, we hope to promote understanding of the growing reality and dynamics of disaster vulnerability and its dimensionality in order to more efficiently identify and reach out to marginalized and underserved populations that may need extra assistance after a disaster. 1 Introduction...............................................................................................................................

Hamblen, Erin Barnett, and Fran H. Norris take on the task of reviewing the available evidence on long-term mental health treatments for adult disaster survivors. Conditions such as substance abuse, depression, and grief are addressed. Barriers to care are identified, particularly as they pertain to those of low socioeconomic status and cultural orientation. For those who experience posttraumatic stress, cognitive behavioral treatments can help address maladaptive thinking through psychoeducation, anxiety management, exposure, and cognitive strategies.

In this context, it is clearly evident that disasters represent much more than a quantifiable compromise to the economic value of the natural and built environment. The postdisaster fragmentation of a community’s social structure is represented by the loss of places of work and worship; by the places of safety, sanctuary, and solace; and ultimately by the places of contentment and emotional well-being that are the markers of a healthy society. In 1954, the National Opinion Research Center (NORC) at the University of Chicago produced a seminal report regarding the behavior of individuals in disasters entitled “Human Reactions in Disaster Situations” (Marks and Fritz 1954; Quarantelli 1988).

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