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An assessment prepared for Gen Eisenhower after the campaign deemed the bazooka “effective” and cited the example of one unit commander who stated that his unit had knocked out four PzKpfw IV tanks with bazooka fire. The 2/141st Infantry in the center was hit by a tank attack in the morning, but the PzKpfw III and PzKpfw IV tanks were fought off using bazookas. Around 1020hrs, 13 tanks approached the 142nd Infantry Regiment command post, but the Germans were stopped by point-blank 105mm howitzer fire, losing five tanks in the process.

SS-Panzer-Division Hitlerjugend. The defense of the villages themselves would be undertaken by Col Francis Boos’ 38th Infantry Regiment, plus supporting armor from the 741st Tank Battalion and 644th Tank Destroyer Battalion and towed antitank guns of the 801st Tank Destroyer Battalion. Among the casualties, the battalion had lost four company commanders in its three rifle companies, and numerous platoon leaders and platoon sergeants. Fortunately, McKinley had conducted a special bazooka training program for his battalion prior to the December 13 mission, primarily because of the value of the bazooka in attacking the Westwall pillboxes in the Wehlerscheid area.

In spite of the need for an effective antitank weapon, the general lack of information about the bazooka was a liability – a fact that would become painfully obvious during the US Army’s stinging defeat at Kasserine Pass. ” Drake planned to institute a bazooka training class the next day, but before this occurred the Germans launched Operation Frühlingswind, the Kasserine Pass offensive, on February 14. Drake’s regiment was overwhelmed by two Panzer divisions and he was taken prisoner. There was apparently little use made of the bazookas during the fighting, and this cache was probably the source of bazookas later sent back to Germany.

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