By Hilliard Hatteridge

Шестой том истории великих войн девятнадцатого столетия от издательства Кассель содержит описания кампаний в Африке. Затронута тема колониальнойвойны в Южной Африке с бурами.Боевые действия рассмотрены в период с 1899 по 1900 годы. Комментарии британских военных по поводу организации ведения войны, применения новых для того времени средств – пулеметов, артиллерийских систем. Рассмотрена униформа британцев нового образца – защитного цвета. Для всех любителей униформологии, истории военного искусства.

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As they reached the crest, the Dublin Fusiliers first, they were met by a fierce outburst of fire from the Boers. Holding their ground for yet awhile parties. fire, hit. The a flickering outburst of rifle pur- fire of the victors. who Those from the supports, halting under what- watched the fight fro m Dundee thought that the storming of Talana ever cover the in- meant the capture a while, the firing line, reinforced of equalities :^round afforded, ivell-ainied beat to by trying and fire of the -Boer the }cr\'.

The Moller, consist- 8th Hussars and four infantry, about 200 men ; THE FIRST FIGHT results, for, as been won at we IX NWTAL shall see, the position that suffering, the price of so had much death and the cost of so many gallant lives, had almost immediately to be abandoned. But before following further the fortunes of the northern detached force, we must see what General White and the other brigade were doing at Ladysmith. On the morrow of Talana thev scored another success. " Victory on victory " was the stirring headline under which the first tidings of this second battle was given Hill to exultant readers at home.

It was a puzi^ling incident and later still, when evening came and there was no news from Moller and train disaster at Kraaipan. Unhappily, these were not the only prisoners in these first difficult weeks of the w^ar, when our forces in Natal were barely holding their own against superior numbers. The gallant fight that General Symons'' brigade had made at Dundee had a good result, in that it taught the Boer burghers that Majuba was not a typical British battle. On the hillsid'of Talana Hill both sides learned to respect eacli other but otherwise the battle had scanty the rear of the captured ridge there were seventy wounded burghers.

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