By J. Barton Hoag

A guide at the necessities of electron tubes and radio circuits

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This may be insufficient to protect the components being used with the power supply. discrete semiconductor > thyristor > SCR Unexpected Triggering Caused by Heat On a datasheet, the values for triggering current and holding current are valid only within a recommended temperature range. A buildup of heat can provoke unexpected triggering. Unexpected Triggering Caused by Voltage A very rapid increase in forward voltage at the anode can induce a triggering voltage in the gate by capacitive coupling.

Now if pushbutton S2 is pressed, the flow is interrupted. When S2 is released, the flow will not resume. Alternatively, if pushbutton S3 is pressed while the SCR is conducting current, the flow is diverted around the SCR, and when the pushbutton is released, the flow through the SCR will not resume. Thus, the SCR can be shut down either by a normally closed pushbutton in series with it (which will interrupt the current), or a normally open pushbutton in parallel with it (which will divert the current).

The functionality should be the same in each case. The pushbutton will initiate a flow of current, which will diminish when P1 is turned toward the center of its range. In any of these quadrants, P2 can be turned slowly toward the center of its range while the pushbutton is pressed repeatedly. This will allow empirical determination of the gate threshold current for this triac. The meter, measuring milliamps, will measure the current if it is inserted between the wiper of the potentiometer and the gate of the triac.

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