By Emilia Murray Ramey, Jody John Ramey

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I did think that it would be awkward to ask, so I didn’t ask. When Jody asked me to meet again, that seemed to signal interest, but I didn’t know if he was interested in being friends or in dating. We started spending more time together than I considered normal for “just friends,” getting together several days per week. I had never spent that much social time with someone outside of my immediate family before. I enjoyed his company and I knew that just being friends was not my intention. However, I also knew that he has 4 Those who are diagnosable with Asperger’s Syndrome, have similar manifestations to those with “classic” autism, except they do not experience a significant delay in language development before age three, whereas “classic” Autistics are noticeably delayed in their verbal development from the time they are infants.

G. Will there be small or large groups? ), along with verbal communication. Throughout the months that we (Jody and Emilia) dated, and during the first few months of marriage, we had to deal with all of these factors. Despite this, fun dates and activities were and still are a part of our lives, and we still meet new and interesting people to expand our social networks. Being Autistic does not eliminate you from living life, it just provides a framework for living it. There are strengths and weaknesses to the Autistic mind, much like there are strengths and weaknesses associated with any human characteristic, whether it is physical, mental, or emotional.

However, I wanted to accommodate whatever felt more comfortable to him. What are Dating, Courting, and Friendship? 37 My life with Jody has been a series of swift changes. There were changes in my status, routine, self-knowledge and awareness. At times it would have been easier to run away than to deal with it, but I didn’t want to run away. In the span of one year (the time I spent dating Jody), I went from knowing nothing about autism, to noticing similarities between myself and Jody, to seeking and receiving a diagnosis of Asperger’s Syndrome, to speaking about autism in front of international audiences.

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