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It appears to be a general trend, and readers should be ready for it. ” Personally, I take the view that only religious dogmas never change. ) L’Express also published an article by Bédarida, sponsor of Pressac’s work. The bédarida is a little known species of squid. It swims in the cultural soup and propels itself rapidly toward all directors’ chairs, to which it adheres with strong suckers.

After a long period of hesitation, Wellers published a paper by Pressac in his holy and irreproachable journal, Le Monde Juif (July-September 1982). In that paper Pressac developed his theory of “little gassings,” abandoning altogether the canonical version that had ruled until then. He replaced it with the view that, of course, gassings had taken place, but on a smaller scale than previously thought, and that all figures must now be revised downwards. The impact of Pressac’s new theory was negligible.

It is removed from the realm of science only if it fails the claim to be scientific […] systematically. 19 This would be understandable if revisionist research were considered so insignificant and ridiculous that no one need bother with it. However, the numerous papers in research publications and in the media prove that it is the theories and methods of the revisionists that determine the questions and methods of Holocaust research today. In the French philosophical monthly Les Temps Modernes, edited by Claude Lanzmann, issue for 11/93, under the title “La Catastrophe du Révisionnisme,” Robert Redeker described the situation as follows:20 “Revisionism is not a theory like any other, it is a catastrophe.

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