By Mary B. Moore, Mary Zelia Pease Philippides

This quantity is the 1st of the Athenian Agora experiences to deal in particular with figured wares; it truly is considering the black-figured pottery present in the excavations within the Athenian Agora among 1931 and 1967, so much of it in dumped fill in particular in wells and cisterns. those deposits were released individually in past studies; by way of featuring them as a physique, the authors may be able to express the way it enhances and vitamins the present chronological and stylistic framework of shapes and artists. the entire vital items are proven in pictures, in addition to all entire vases and people with specific difficulties. Profile drawings and reconstructions of the composition are provided in a couple of exact circumstances. precis descriptions of references and a domain plan are given for the deposits, that are additionally pointed out within the concordance of catalogue and stock numbers. There are indexes of potters, painters, teams, and sessions; matters; form and decoration; collections and provenances; and a common index.

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On the lower part is a chariot race to right, with the top of the goal post on one fragment (d). This occurrence of figured decoration on the rim of a calyx-krater appears to be unique. Also unknown to us on other black-figured calyx-kratersis the tongue pattern on the bodyjust below the rim. The appearanceof the tongue pattern here recalls its similar use on the two chalicesby Lydos, 1446 (PI. 99) and 1447 (PI. 99), where its appearanceon this shape is also unparalleled. 10 Louvre C 11298 (Paralip.

M. B 210 (ABV 144, 7; Paralip. 60, 7). For signatures of Exekias in relation to the shapes that bear them, cf. K. Stahler,JOAI 49, 1968-1971, pp. 79-113. 3 Cf. C. Roebuck, Hesperia 9, 1940, pp. 153-158, no. 8. Eleven fragmentsfrom the same calyx-krateras Akropolis 615 a-p. All the known fragmentsare given on pp. 154-155. 4Jacobsthal, op. cit. (footnote 1 above), p. 117, with bibliography. LEBETES GAMIKOI 27 tall. 5Examples of calyx-kratersin the Agora are very few and are so fragmentarythat their proportionsmay not be determined.

31, 1). , two by the KY Painter, Conservatori212 (ABV 31, 2; Paralip. 16, 2) and Louvre C 11249 (ABV 31, 4; Paralip. 16, 4); Louvre 12251 by Sophilos (ABV 40, 23; Paralip. 18, 23; F. Villard in CVA, Louvre 12 [France 19], p. 124, not illustrated). 10 Louvre C 12251 by Sophilos is also unusual for it has a frieze of Z's on the overhang (ABV 40, 23; Paralip. 18, 23; F. Villard in CVA, Louvre 12 [France 19], p. 124). 11Animals or monsters:Conservatori212 (panther) by the KY Painter (ABV 31, 2; Paralip.

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