By Catharine Parker-Littler

All of your being pregnant and delivery questions responded by means of skilled midwives. what is top to consume while pregnant? what percentage mins aside should still my contractions be? what is a very good tip for an outstanding night's sleep? in terms of shelling out care, recommendation and pleasant reassurance while pregnant and labour, midwives are the well-being execs moms are looking to flip to. you will find 1,000 real-life inquiries to midwives, responded with updated info you could belief. It covers every thing you must comprehend from notion to the 1st weeks of lifestyles with a brand new child. It attracts at the event of long term midwife Catherine Parker-Littler. "Ask A Midwife" is like having your individual a midwife on name, 24 hours an afternoon.

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Fertilized eggs: hollow tube embryo transfer to the womb: In a procedure somewhat like a pap smear that does not require sedation, the fertilized eggs will be carefully transferred into the uterus through a catheter using ultrasound for guidance. we’re not getting pregnant: what do we do now? 31 trying for a baby now you’re pregnant your 40-week journey Surrogacy A surrogate mother is a woman who reaches an agreement to carry a baby on behalf of another woman. She can either conceive the baby with the partner’s sperm, in which case she is the biological mother, or the infertile couple may fertilize their own egg through fertility treatment, which is then transferred into the uterus of the surrogate mother for her to carry the baby through pregnancy and deliver at birth.

Why is pregnancy so scary? a safe pregnancy What to eat... What not to eat your diet in pregnancy Should I go swimming? keeping active in pregnancy What do I tell my boss? your rights and benefits Will life ever be the same? special situations trying for a baby now you’re pregnant your 40-week journey My test is positive what happens next? Q We’ve confirmed the pregnancy— when should we tell everyone? This comes down to personal preference. Many women wait until after their first ultrasound or until completion of the first trimester before announcing the pregnancy.

Could dust from old lead paint harm my baby? You are right to be concerned about exposure to lead. Lead was a common ingredient in paint before the mid-1970s. It’s unclear exactly what the risks are, 46 Make sure you have some room to move your legs during flights. 105). above: partly because it’s difficult to measure how much the body absorbs substances, and partly because of the lack of research on the effects of lead in pregnancy. However, lead has been linked to a higher risk of miscarriage, prematurity, low birth weight, and early infant death.

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