By Sterling Professor of the Humanities Harold Bloom, Pamela Loos

Shakespeare's romantic comedy, As you love It units up a few dualities, exposing the complicated relationships that exist among romance and realism, nobleman and commoner, and female and male. This learn consultant incorporates a collection of feedback during the centuries on As you're keen on It.

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Rosalind is also startled; her life has become increasingly more complex due to her seemingly harmless decision to disguise herself as a man. Rosalind sees this new development as yet another sign of Phebe’s complete disregard for Silvius. Immediately Rosalind repeats that she does not find Phebe attractive, attempting to quell the woman’s desire for her. Next Rosalind turns to Silvius. Though she has berated Phebe, we assume she will have pity for Silvius, but that is not readily apparent. Instead, she starts by chastising him for being so foolish as to want a woman like Phebe.

As a result of the transformation, Frederick halted his plot against his brother and decided to give him back the dukedom. He also declared he would return the property he had seized from those who followed the duke into the forest. Additionally Frederick decided to give up life as he knew it and live in the forest himself, away from the rest of the world. Duke Senior welcomes the young man and says he is delighted to hear the news. He says they should return to their rustic celebration. However, rather than celebrating or planning to return to society, Jaques says he will keep living in the woods and will go off to find Frederick, since there will be much to learn from a man who has undergone such a conversion.

Caprice and fancy reign and revel here, and stern necessity is banished to the court. The mild sentiments of humanity are strengthened with thought and leisure; the echo of the cares and noise of the world strikes upon the ear of those “who have felt them knowingly,” softened by time and distance. ” The very air of the place seems to breathe a spirit of philosophical poetry: to stir the thoughts, to touch the heart with pity, as the drowsy forest rustles to the sighing gale. Never was there such beautiful moralising, equally free from pedantry or petulance.

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