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You can sit down and take your time observing your subject at your leisure—be sure to warn your family that the fruit bowl is being used for study, or your reference may be eaten by mistake! How to Approach a Challenging Drawing Some subjects may seem so daunting, you may not know where to begin. Even finding the basic shapes, which is the best place to begin, may be hard. The following method may help. Tracing paper Reference material Trace the Basic Shapes Lay a piece of tracing paper over your reference and trace the basic shapes of the image.

Notice that the ellipse is longest in relation to the longest center line. indd 42 42 Process BlackPANTONE 166 C 7/7/06 4:19:13 6/15/06 4:00:11 PM PM Ellipses In Use Ellipses can be drawn as vertical, horizontal and angled, but still use the same perspective principles. Remember the first step in drawing an ellipse is to sketch a square in linear perspective. Sketch Cylinders Using Ellipses The ends of cylinders drawn in perspective are ellipses. First establish the horizon and vanishing points, then sketch the boxes.

This drawing was done from a photograph taken by one of my students, Jackie Chunko. indd 54 54 Process BlackPANTONE 166 C 6/15/06 6/15/06 9:23:02 9:21:04 PM PM Clouds and Grass The world around us offers an infinite number of subjects to draw. Commonplace items such as clouds and grass can be interesting by themselves or as complements to other elements in a picture. When drawing clouds, start by sketching the outline, but use subtle value changes to show the shape and depth of their forms. You can achieve value changes by varying the type or pressure of your pencil strokes.

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