By Kendra Schank Smith

Publish yr note: First released in 2008

Concepts from architects' minds evolve via sketches and as a method of transference are conveyed to the completed development. This ebook compares traits of sketches to bare specific ways to the tools of pondering within which all architects interact. It presents new perception into the connection among architectural sketches and the method of inventive manipulation.

Sketches include a pondering mechanism, and during the features of ambiguity, quickness and alter, they begin a discussion for architects. As a medium to facilitate conversation, recording, discovery and overview, their pertinence lies of their skill to convey either the proper and the obscure.

Exploring 4 comparable theoretical ways, play, memory-imagination-fantasy, sketch and the gruesome, the booklet exhibits how imprecision stimulates mind's eye to conceive new varieties within the discussion of architectural sketches.

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Pietilä’s play remains loose and expressive, but he never crosses the boundary to explore anything other than this building. 3 Reima Pietilä; Dipoli Student Assembly Building, Ontaniemi, Espoo. the rules within these confines. By altering shape, orientation and groupings he tests possibilities of the form. For Pietilä these quick lines are representative, yet not completely literal, of threedimensional space. He was imagining himself in the building through the activity of the sketch. The numerous floor plans and elevations contain a certain similarity in their approach.

Gerd Neumann, when asked about first sketches, wrote about their purpose for design: ‘first sketches which in the form of first conceptual notes are the first step in every realistic design process that is determined by a given task’ (Hölzinger et al, 1982: 55). An early design sketch often sparks the architect’s mind to produce mental impressions and may take on the role of being visual assistance to brainstorming. The architect’s imagination is open to many possibilities, as in a beginning stage no potentiality is ruled out.

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