By Xiaoye Xu

This thesis studies on amazing paintings in major subfields of quantum details technological know-how: one comprises the quantum dimension challenge, and the opposite issues quantum simulation. The thesis proposes utilizing a polarization-based displaced Sagnac-type interferometer to accomplish partial cave in size and its reversal, and offers the 1st experimental verification of the nonlocality of the partial cave in dimension and its reversal. all the experiments are performed within the linear optical approach, one of many earliest experimental platforms to hire quantum conversation and quantum details processing. The thesis argues that quantum dimension can yield quantum entanglement restoration, that is established by utilizing the frequency freedom to simulate the surroundings. in response to the vulnerable dimension thought, the writer proposes that white gentle can be utilized to exactly estimate section, and successfully demonstrates that the imaginary a part of the susceptible price might be brought through susceptible size evolution. finally, a nine-order polarization-based displaced Sagnac-type interferometer using bulk optics is built to accomplish quantum simulation of the Landau-Zener evolution, and by means of tuning the process Hamiltonian, the 1st test to investigate the Kibble-Zurek mechanism in non-equilibrium kinetics tactics is performed within the linear optical system.

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Conservation of momentum is also called phase matching in birefringent crystals in the topic nonlinear optics. From the perspective of quantum mechanics, the SPDC process can be seen as a kind of three-body interaction. The general approach is first to write the system Hamiltonian, solve the operator equation of motion in Heisenberg representation; or use perturbation method in Schrodinger representation to solve two-photon wave function produced in SPDC. ]. 17) nˆ s (t) − nˆ i (t) = nˆ s (0) − nˆ i (0).

The above diagram is the spectra of signal (e) and idle (o) wave packet; the diagram below shows that the bandwidth of signal (e) and idle (o) wave packet changes with the pump bandwidth. All values have been normalized to the characteristics bandwidth ΔνCW in the case of continuous plane wave pump. Reprinted with permission from Ref. Grice and Walmsley (1997). 3 The Nonclassical Light Field Prepared Through SPDC 31 Fig. 9 Two-photon coincidence spectrum characteristics of parametric photons using pulsed plane wave pump in type-II degenerate collinear parametric down conversion (Grice and Walmsley 1997).

B Is a diagram of experimental setup (Kwiat et al. 1995). Reprinted with permission from Ref. Kwiat et al. (1995). Copyright 1998 by American Physical Society Fig. 3 Using two pieces of nonlinear crystals cut in type I phase matching condition for generating polarization-entangled photon pairs. a Is the schematic diagram of crystal combination. b Is a diagram of experimental setup (Kwiat et al. 1999). Reprinted with permission from Ref. Kwiat et al. (1999). Copyright 1998 by American Physical Society cleverly utilized the space symmetry in SPDC process, selected the specific points and erased the spatial distinguishability to directly obtain polarization-entangled photon pairs with high fidelity.

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