By Isabel Suárez-Ruiz and John C. Crelling (Eds.)

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, Pages xiii-xiv, John C. Crelling, Joan S. Esterle, Robert B. Finkelman, Stephen F. Greb, Gareth D. Mitchell, Jack C. Pashin, Isabel Suárez-Ruiz, Nicola J. Wagner, Colin R. Ward, M. Coertzen, R.H. Matjie, J.C. van Dyk

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Chapter 1 - creation to utilized Coal Petrology

, Pages 1-18, Colin R. Ward, Isabel Suárez-Ruiz
Chapter 2 - simple components Controlling Coal caliber and Technological habit of Coal

, Pages 19-59, Isabel Suárez-Ruiz, Colin R. Ward
Chapter three - Mining and Beneficiation

, Pages 61-83, Joan S. Esterle
Chapter four - Coal Combustion

, Pages 85-117, Isabel Suárez-Ruiz, Colin R. Ward
Chapter five - Coal Gasification

, Pages 119-144, Nicola J. Wagner, M. Coertzen, R.H. Matjie, J.C. van Dyk
Chapter 6 - Direct Coal Liquefaction

, Pages 145-171, Gareth D. Mitchell
Chapter 7 - Coal Carbonization

, Pages 173-192, John C. Crelling
Chapter eight - Coal-Derived Carbon Materials

, Pages 193-225, Isabel Suárez-Ruiz, John C. Crelling
Chapter nine - Coal as a petrol resource Rock and Reservoir Rock

, Pages 227-262, Jack C. Pashin
Chapter 10 - Environmental and wellbeing and fitness Impacts

, Pages 263-287, Robert B. Finkelman, Stephen F. Greb
Chapter eleven - different purposes of Coal Petrology

, Pages 289-301, John C. Crelling, Isabel Suárez-Ruiz

, Pages 303-380

, Pages 381-388

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2007). Iron-bearing sulfate minerals, such as jarosite and coquimbite, may be formed by the oxidation of pyrite on the exposure of the coal to the atmosphere, a process which also liberates 42 Applied Coal Petrology sulfuric acid when there is associated runoff water. Many other sulfates in oxidation residues, such as bassanite, glauberite, and hexahydrite, usually represent mineral artifacts formed by the interaction of nonmineral inorganics during the destruction of the organic matter. The crystalline mineral matter in coal may occur as bands, lenticles, fracture fillings, plant impregnations, mineral-rich nodules, and other masses visible at a macroscopic scale.

The residue remaining after oxidation of the organic matter consists of the essentially unaltered mineral components of the original coal, together in some cases with additional artifacts produced from the nonmineral inorganic components. , 2001) or treating the coal with hot concentrated hydrogen peroxide to oxidize the organic components (Nawalk and Friedel, 1972, and Ward, 1974) may also serve to isolate a mineral residue, although these techniques may irreversibly alter some of the mineral components.

An overall magnification of 20,000x gives a spot size for the electron beam of around 5 to 10 mm in diameter on the sample for the actual measurement process. As discussed by Bustin et al. (1993), an independently analyzed anthracite sample provides a more effective calibration standard than graphite for carbon in microprobe analysis of coal macerals. , 2005), such as O, N, S, Ca, Al, Si, and Fe. Care should be taken to avoid analyzing areas of the coal where visible minerals are also present. Points that include mineral contaminants may, for example, be indicated by high Si or unexpectedly high Fe and S percentages.

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