By J. Lerner, U. Boldes

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The time averaged flow rate for the pulsed Gurney and the static Gurney is the same. Solid lines and/or open symbols represent positive vorticity, dashed lines and/or filled symbols represent negative vorticity. Note that for the two cases reference and static Gurney the vorticity over x/c is essentially a continuous curve, since the data is averaged over time. For the pulsed Gurney the data points represent the peak vorticity (and respective position) of individual vortices that have rolled up in the shear layer.

A body with a Karman type vortex wake, experiences a periodic fluctuating upward and downward lift coupled to the regular counter rotating vortex shedding which induces upward and downward deflections of the flow. Hence, a symmetric Karman type vortex street pattern alone could not contribute to a steady lift. Comparison of Aerodynamic Effects Promoted by Mechanical and Fluidic Miniflaps on an Airfoil NACA 4412 45 The lift required in common aeronautic applications involves a preferential deviation of the oncoming flow visualized by the known up and downwash before and behind a wing.

Hah and Lakshminarayana, in their experimental and numerical study about the near wake of a lifting airfoil [1], confirmed that the asymmetric wake becomes nearly symmetric after only one chord length downstream of the trailing edge. These authors reported also that the far wake shows a roughly symmetric wake structure in which the airfoil features and aerodynamic loads does not influence the wake development anymore. 44 Applied Aerodynamics Also, the fundamental understanding of the lift increase generated by Gurney-type miniflaps is connected to a wake phenomenon: A counter-rotating vortex pair will develop behind the blunt trailing-edge generated by the Gurney flap.

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