By Victor Perard

This instructive e-book provides very good annotated line drawings of anatomical constitution for the start artist, explaining the topic basically, making a choice on elements of the physique and demonstrating sporting activities during the author's sketches. Chapters hide the human skeleton, head and neck, torso, arm, hand, leg, foot, and musculature. 179 black-and-white illustrations.

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All these are notoriously difficult and time-consuming to represent by hand, and, early in the design process collage offers an alternative to the computer. Those who favour the technique build a stock of colours and textures, usually clipped from magazines that have been identified as reliable sources. Such images, however roughly pasted together, can, if confidently assembled, take on some of the characteristics and authority of the well-crafted object. Source materials may be scanned by computer Far left and left While a line drawing defines planes, it does not easily convey three-dimensional form.

The monochromatic version on the far right, created on computer, concentrates on form. TIP COLOURED TISSUE It is always difficult to represent flat masses of colour in any hand made drawing. Tissue papers provide blocks of colour, albeit limited in range, that indicate different wall and floor finishes. The tissues are applied to the back of the tracing paper, which filters the intensity of their colours. They are cut or torn roughly to shape and lightly sprayed with fixative in order to position them no more permanently than is required to survive the copying process.

The tracing paper with the red-walled building, drawn to one side, is fixed over the other layers. The whole may be shown within a transparent sleeve or photocopied to produce a single sheet. There will be some blurring – of the bottom image in particular – because of varying thicknesses within the composite sheet but if this is conveying less detailed information, the distortion is acceptable. CHAPTER 2 CONCEPTION 58 EXPLORATORY DRAWINGS 63 THE PLAN 64 THE SECTION 72 DETAILED THINKING 76 SKETCHING BY COMPUTER 77 COMPOSITES 58 Conception Exploratory drawings Every project begins with an idea, which must be defined and refined.

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