By Hilaire Belloc, John Sharpe

This brief paintings is a application for estate distribution instead to the way it is deliberate by means of socialist states or clearly occurs in capitalist societies. it's a landmark of ecu social suggestion, trying to rectify the wrongs in either one of the main fiscal theories by way of forthcoming the matter from a completely special approach. The essay is therefore an anticapitalist and antisocialist paintings of Christian and Catholic social suggestion within which uncomplicated truths approximately society and human nature are utilized to socioeconomics. it's a manifesto and a application for the Distributist League, of which Belloc and G. ok. Chesterton have been the first figures. It marks a key aspect within the background of monetary proposal, and it's a primary textual content illustrating the effect of faith and philosophy on social concept and their useful program to societal questions.

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The evil from which we are suffering today is not the evil of State interference but the evil of the loss of Freedom. State interference may have for its effect a loss of Freedom and certainly usually has for its object the loss of Freedom; but it always may be, and very often must be, invoked for the very purpose of restoring Freedom. 38 The Restoration of Property There must be laws to protect property not only against direct rapine but against dissolution through the exaggeration of competition.

Capital so accumulated, protected and used must exist in any human society whatsoever, including, of course, a Communist one. Nor does “Capitalism” mean a state of society in which capital is owned as private property by the citizens. On the contrary, such a society of free owners is the opposite of Capitalism as the word is here used. I use the term “Capitalism” here to mean a state of society in which a minority control the means of production, leaving the mass of the citizens dispossessed. ” Industrial Capitalism has in its present phase other grave evils attached to it besides the loss of freedom, for the twin evils of Insecurity and Insufficiency are attached to it.

The poor man who saves “against a rainy day,” who looks on his savings as a sum to be called upon later for his maintenance, will often take very low interest rather than none. Often he will seek for none and merely leave his money on current account, if he has a bank, or to take the interest which a Capitalist government keeps ridiculously low in savings banks and certificates (in order not to compete with its wealthy supporters) or to keep it in a box. But when it comes to serious amounts sufficient to start a man independently, it is another matter.

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