By Arthur De Gobineau, Mark Guy Valerius Tyson

Written 1853–1855. Translated via Adrian Collins, M.A. advent by means of Dr. Oscar Levy, Editor of the accredited English model of Nietzsche's works. Digitized through the web Archive in 2011 with investment from collage of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

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But in the eleventh, twelfth, and thirteenth, a great change came over the scene. Society had succeeded in harmonizing its most discordant elements, and the state of morals was reasonably good. The ideas of the time were not favourable to the little casuistries that keep a man from the right path even when he wishes to walk in it. The fourteenth and fifteenth centuries were times of terrible conflict and perversity. It was a period of decadence in Brigandage reigned supreme. and the decadence was shown the strictest sense of the word In view of the debauchery, the tyranny, in a thousand ways.

It emerged strongei than before, and entered on a career of great brilliance. China was overrun and conquered by hordes of Mongols it managed government is bad when it is ; to expel them beyond its borders, after sapping their vitality in Since that time China has fallen a most extraordinary way. the Manchus have already although but servitude new into a enjoyed more than a century of sovereignty, they are on the eve of suffering the same fate as the Mongols, and have passed ; through a similar period of weakness.

At the same time I shall be touching on a problem which is much more dangerous than that which I have tried to solve in the preceding " Are there serious and ultimate chapters. This problem is differences of value between human races and can these differresponsibility for its decadence, — : ; ences be estimated I will begin at once to develop the series of arguments that touch the To put form I " ? first my point ; they a ideas into may compare will indirectly settle clearer a nation to a ing to the physiologists, is and more human the second also.

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