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It would not be dialogue otherwise. Both Alexander and Dombey draw attention to the spaces in the teachers’ interactions with their pupils which create opportunities for 22 THE DETAIL OF CLASSROOM DISCOURSE thought. In their own way, too, these two chapters can be seen as a dialogue between conclusions drawn from a cumulative analysis of many classrooms across the world and several sessions with one class seen through the magnifying lens of close study. The connections and gaps between the two perspectives allow pause for thought.

In fact, by making talk and learning strongly collective activities, the Russian teachers effectively reconciled the social and the cognitive. Communicative competence Although in the real world communicative competence may be defined by reference to the Gricean maxims of quantity, quality, relation and manner (Grice 1975), in classrooms the unequal power relationship of teacher and taught may produce a very different set of rules which for pupils are dominated by listening, bidding for turns, spotting ‘correct’ answers and other coping strategies which anywhere outside a school would seem pretty bizarre (Edwards 1992).

But again more is going on than would appear at first sight. As she recaps on yesterday’s lesson, getting them all to today’s starting point, Donna appears to be concerned to elicit from the children merely the brief phrases listed in the NLS framework. ‘Good over evil’ and ‘Trials and forfeits’, much as she elicited the term ‘genre’ at the start of the lesson. Craig volunteers the former and Daniel the latter and both are rewarded with a positive evaluation. Thus far these seem to be classic IRF (Sinclair and Coulthard 1975) exchanges with the Initiation by the teacher followed by a Response from the children, evoking in turn Feedback from the teacher.

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