By Larry Kahaner

No unmarried weapon has unfold quite a bit uncooked strength to such a lot of humans in so little time—and had the sort of devastating effect—as the AK-47 attack rifle. This booklet examines the legacy of this world-changing weapon, from its production as technique of struggling with the Nazis to its ubiquity at the present time in all kinds of clash, from civil wars in Africa to gang wars in L.A.

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It was the first firearm of its kind to be made entirely of metal, with no wooden stock or handle grips, which made it almost indestructible. By 1945, the Germans had produced over a million of these, and it became so popular that even Allied soldiers preferred using these captured weapons instead of their own submachine guns, which were variations of the Thompson submachine gun, or “Tommy Gun,” of 1920s gangster fame. Indeed, the Soviet Union had a submachine gun, the PPD34/38, but it was poorly designed.

Through city after city, town after town, superbly trained and highly disciplined German units advanced, quickly annihilating Soviet armies and civilians in their path. German infantrymen killed hundreds of thousands with fire from their automatic Maschinenpistoles (MPs), or submachine guns, spewing hundreds of rounds into knots of Soviet defenders a few yards away. They cut down soldiers and civilians en masse. The Germans were unstoppable as they pressed on to the ultimate prize, Moscow, destroying everything in their way.

S. Ordnance Department. Studler had enjoyed an exemplary career, with a string of successes including the M1 steel helmet, the M3 submachine gun, and the Williams M1 Carbine. If anyone could get the bureaucracy moving on an automatic weapon, Studler was the man. While work was under way, international politics entered. With the formation of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) after World War II, there was a desire for a uniform weapon and ammunition that could be used by all signatories, including the United States.

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