By Hillie Marshall

Hillie Marshall used to be the 1st worldwide ache aunt on the net, in addition to being the affliction aunt for "Singles" journal. This e-book is a set of her so much enjoyable and academic affliction aunt letters and replies.

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In fact, part of your job is to ensure the smooth running of the home, the children, and the general harmony of the whole family. I think that it would be folly indeed to imagine that, if the husband is looking at you with more interest than usual, he is thinking anything other than having a quick fling on the side! Fathers very rarely go off with their Nanny mistress. Concentrate on finding your own available boyfriend, instead of trying to take someone else’s husband and children. If you find this too difficult for you, change your job and save yourself and everyone else a load of heartache.

She wants more from the relationship than you are prepared to give her at present, and she may want to marry you, but I think that you are both very young to consider getting married, and if you have any doubts at all about your future together you should not contemplate it. Tell your girlfriend that no-one knows what is going to happen tomorrow, and that she should enjoy what she has at present, not wasting any of it by spending her time worrying about the future. You are being as honest as you can with her, and you certainly wouldn’t spend so much time with her, if you didn’t care a great deal for her.

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