By Hartman, E.F.; Sandia National Laboratories.; United States. Dept. of Energy.; United States. Dept. of Energy. Office of Scientific and Technical Information

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The results for these quantities depending on the thickness h3 of the window layer are given in Fig. 5 and Fig. 6 . 28 1 8 4 o +---~---T----r---~---r---4~--200 300 400 500 h3/ nm _ Figure 5. Total attenuation constant lXK of the stripline path depending on the thickness h3 of the window layer, hI - thickness of the thick SiO or Si02 layer (Fig. 3), 14 - length of the shortened line (Fig. 3). In order to achieve a simpler adjustment of the window layer to the tunnel junction areas we started to make the SiO windows smaller by 14 = 4 11m at each side.

8, for instance, the number of junctions synchronously switched decreases but is still proportional to the average critical current (cf the curve with the smaller slope in Fig. 10). 1,5 (600 V (n) 0 0 1,0 (400) ad' 0

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