By Ronald Abeles PhD, Helen Gift PhD, Marcia G. Ory PhD MPH

During this well timed and critical paintings, professional gerontologists evaluation what has been discovered in regards to the elderly and the method of getting older and hyperlink this information to interventions for bettering the standard of existence. This quantity highlights the advance of preventive, healing, and rehabilitative interventions designed to help older humans continue their independence and caliber of lifestyles. as well as the editors, bankruptcy authors comprise Robert N. Butler, Matilda White Riley, Carroll Estes, and a foreword via James O. Mason.

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Pain, fatigue) are surely mutable, some of the more subjective and evaluative components may be more stable. For example, levels of psychological distress and well-being may be somewhat stable (McNeil, Stones, & Kozma, 1986), reflecting the tendency of individuals to adapt to changing circumstances. McNeil and colleagues concluded this based on their evaluation of the consistently small proportion of variance explained by various predictors of subjective well-being and the high stability coefficients in many studies of older adults.

Magaziner (1992) identifies two key issues concerning proxies: response precision and response bias. If errors in proxy ratings are random, the issue can be handled by increasing the sample size. When the errors are biased, more problems are created. If proxies are being used for all respondents and the study is correlational in nature, the issue is less serious than if proxies are being used for some respondents and/ or population estimates are being made. Results of studies on proxy respondents suggest that some bias is introduced by using proxies; the magnitude and nature of the bias depends on a variety of factors.

The "Longevity Revolution" came about primarily as a result of progress in economic well-being and public health. The application of the germ theory of disease has produced striking reduc•Based on "Searching for the Fountain of Youth: 500 Years of Research to Understand Aging," Keynote for Aging; The Quality of Life Conference, Washington, DC, February 10-12, 1992, 19 20 BACKGROUND PERSPECTIVES tions in maternal, childhood, and infant mortality rates that have, in turn, contributed to the Longevity Revolution.

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