By Mary Elizabeth Salzmann

Introduces, briefly textual content and illustrations, using the letter blend "ag" in such phrases as "flag," "tag," "rag," and "stag."

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She had promised not to speak to Alain de Vigny, but the promise had not included Tania. For reasons Marisa refused to analyze, the need to know the truth had become too deep to deny. „He didn’t fall in love with me, Tania. “ There was no need, Marisa decided swiftly, to add more. That she had been chosen by Antoine’s secretary, that she had not met him until the day of the wedding, and that the marriage was to be of limited duration only – these facts might only cause Tania to withhold information.

In any case, as you know of Alain’s ultimatum you deserve the rest of the truth. Although surely you must have guessed it by now. “ Marisa, unable to do so, studied the pattern of light and shade that fell on her hands. Her misery was transparent. „I see by your face that you hesitate to put it into words,“ said Tania at last. „As if by avoiding the words you might avoid the truth! Perhaps the truth will not be so hard to face as you think. Why don’t you ask it, Marisa? “ faltered Marisa, asking the half of the question that she could bear to ask, thereby surrendering at last to self-knowledge: the knowledge that she herself was in love.

I thought we might go over the reef in an outrigger. It can be done – it’s just a matter of waiting for the right wave. “ „The only prospect that thrills me this morning is the prospect of being alone. “ Untrue, untrue…but the total misery inside had to be told somehow, and as she could not tell the truth, what else was there to do but lie? Her voice had been like crushed ice. „Bored, bored, bored! Bored with Ta’aroa – bored with your company. “ For an instant his face had gone hard and dangerous, and then he pushed his chair away from the table.

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