By Aquino De Braganca, Immanuel Maurice Wallerstein

Ebook by way of De Braganca, Aquino, Wallerstein, Immanuel Maurice

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We must thus distinguish the economic fact of these implications on the one hand, and characterize the relationship of capitalism with the rest of the world, on the other. It is not an over statement to assert that, from the moment that the economic and financial (thus monopolistic) domination attained a certain level and thus was conso lidated, a relentless struggle began between free enterprise capital and financial capital, the latter represented by monopolies and banks. e. imperialism, is the victorious element in this fight.

Sept. 1967. Slight editing has been necessary to render parts of it intelligible in English. During the second half of the 15th Century and the first half of the 16th, the Portuguese pirates, incited by an unchecked greed, arrived in Angola, Mozambique, India and Brazil. Attacked by cholera, they threw themselves into the practice of genocide and pillage, savagely and sadistically murdering the people they found with the objective of accumulating wealth. Ships arrived in Lisbon fully loaded with gold, precious stones, spices and ivory and even with elephants and rhinoceroses!

Rocha (MPLA). Neo-colonialism is undoubtedly the main obstacle to be overcome by the African masses, if they are to fulfil their aspirations of complete independence. * The imperialist powers (Great Britain, France, Germany and the USA) share among each other the continued economic control over this country. Because of this, Portugal could not shield itself from the impact of the offensive of the financial circles of the neo-capitalist states, West Germany and France in particular, nor was it able to ignore the changes occurring in Europe and Africa.

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