An Spanish publication on inventive concepts - Watercolour Temper-Pastel-Acrylics.

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Rituals are not merely in the service of power; they are themselves powerful because, as actions, they live from their power of assertion. Whoever wishes to ritualise actions must also be prepared to implement them. He or she must ensure that the actions are implemented and recognised despite resistance or lack of understanding. ” 133 Successful ritual knowledge is the reason why consumer rites like Father’s Day or Mother’s Day live so long; it is not a penetration into our personal thoughts by means of motivational research, as Packard argued,134 but merely the transfer of basic human needs from the social dimension into the responsibility of consumer culture.

169 Bauer (1997:156). 170 Barthes (1990:251). The Death of Fashion 59 to the winter collection are significantly different to what goes on during the winter sales. There is practically nothing about this phenomenon of the sales in literature on show windows, which is why we decided to do our research on the street. For Roland Barthes, the launching of the spring collection is that exceptional moment in the year which creates a mythical experience for the consumers because of its link to the awakening of nature.

We are not speaking here of the phenomenon of the seasonal sale window and it is not the target of our analysis to delineate the historic developments of the phenomenon. 96 Bell (1997:223). 97 But the arrival of the new fashion collection is not an appropriate comparison in this context because its rites provide no link to such core necessities as the strengthening of family ties. The lack of knowledge about the ritual’s origins has been discussed in ritual studies as well. 99 It appears that we do not want to know where our practices originated, for example, where celebrating Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day or our celebration of new fashion collections come from.

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