By Felix Salten

The wooded area is an entire diverse world…Felix Salten’s vintage tale of untamed and tame animals coming jointly is introduced vividly to existence during this refreshed version, excellent for collecting.

To the animals of hotel Farm, the woods are a forbidden position jam-packed with risk and uncertainty. For the wild animals within the woodland, the farm is simply as scary, simply because guy lives there. the 2 worlds are subsequent to each other, yet couldn’t be extra apart.

When the teams, tame and wild, start to have interaction, every one starts to query how lifestyles will be varied at the different facet. Manni the donkey ventures into the wooded area for an experience, whereas a doe and her fawns search the security of the barn while poachers threaten them within the woods. Will the animals decide to remain of their new lives? Or will the decision of domestic be too nice?

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