By Peter S Williams

An important new advent to Philosophy from a Christian point of view. a devoted consultant to Philosophy is the single British Christian advent to Philosophy, a publication that would be used as a path textbook and via church examine teams and person readers alike. It covers topics of principal significance to the Christian worldview - the connection among religion and cause, the target fact or fact, goodness and wonder, the life and nature of God, the lifestyles of the human soul and of loose will, etc - from a philosophical perspective. this is often the broadest variety of themes coated by way of any Christian creation to Philosophy and should be prized by way of many.

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Science is great, but it can’t explain why something rather than nothing exists to be studied by science. Science can’t say why scientific study is a good thing, or how scientific study is to be defined, or how it should be related to theology, etc. All these questions are philosophical: ‘Science can be classified as a “first-order” activity, concerned with discovering the truth about the physical world . . ’20 Once you’ve learned the rules of logic (cf. chapters 2 and 3), philosophy is simply a matter of applying them over and over again to different subjects; which is a bit like saying that once you’ve learned musical notation and the fingering of an instrument, being a musician is just a matter of applying that knowledge to one piece of music after another!

Part II (Some Arguments for God) introduces five types of theistic argument: cosmological, teleological, moral, ontological and experiential (don’t worry if you find some of these terms off-putting. Every subject has specialist language, and philosophy is no exception. I’ll explain as we go along). We’ll meet several other arguments for God in the context of topics introduced by parts III and IV. As Peter Kreeft observes: The question of God . . is not a scientific question . . though some scientific evidence is relevant to it .

One refers to the accurate saying of things about reality. The other refers to the reality about which things are said. That is, we must distinguish a) true beliefs about reality from b) the truth of reality that true beliefs accurately represent. True statements correspond to the facts; they tell it like it is For example, if the cat is on the mat then this is a truth of reality. That’s one sense of the ‘truth’: what reality is. If the cat is on the mat and I believe that the cat is on the mat, then the truth of my belief is another sense of the term ‘truth’.

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