By Frankie Rubinstein

'...Rubinstein is much from blameless and is derived to our reduction with loads of learning...and is kind of correct to induce that to not get pleasure from the sexiness of Shakespeare's language impoverishes our personal figuring out of him. For something, it used to be a powerful aspect in his entice Elizabethans, who have been less woolly-mouthed and smooth-tongued than we're. for an additional, it has constituted a salty preservative for his paintings, between those that can enjoy enlightening book.' A.L.Rowse, The Standard

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Sp. and pron. of 'arse' (OED 1860). 177, Fool: 'after [you] cut the egg i' the middle, and eat up the meat, the two crowns of the egg [are left]. When thou c10vest thy crown i' the middle, and gavest away both parts, thou borest thy ass on thy back o'er the dirt: thou hadst little wit in thy bald crown, when thou gavest thy golden one away ... thou gavest them the rod, and put'st down thine own breeches'. A ref. to Aesop's fable, but let us not ignore the Fool's fable - of egg and crown, both cut i' the middle, leaving Lear bare (destitute), with a bare ass/ arse.

Rosaline 'will not stay the siege of loving terms,/Nor bide the encounter of assailing eyes,/ Nor ope her lap to saint-seducing gold'. Romeo failed to assail her sexually: she won't OPEN her lap (sexual parts- TWR; P) or bide his encounter (sexual- P). Benvolio turns this reluctant praise of her chastity into scatological mockery. Triggered by Romeo's use of SIEGE (privy, rectum, excrement-OED; P) and 'assailing', he says he'll show who 'passed that passing fair' (PASS: discharge excrement). 44.

Virility conveys military strength. Harry is armed at all points : (1) those that hold up the breeches; (2) the head or glans of the penis, exposed in erection, longing to enter in (C; P). See ENGINE, TrC; WITCH, R3; SICK, TrC. Arras Arse. Of the eleven times Sh uses 'arras', eight are accounted for by the phrase 'behind the arras' (BEHIND, buttocks). ii: Celestina. What hangings have we here! Steward. They are arras, madam. Celestina. Impudence! I know't. (pun on arras/ arse/ ours). S77. ' Lflatus: a snorting, a flatus or fart - like that of a HORSE ('orse/ arse).

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