By Mijail Eduardo Arias Hidalgo

Often, wetlands have been thought of individually from river basin platforms. besides the fact that, these days it's changing into universal perform to persist with an built-in technique in wetland-riverine watershed research and administration. Such process calls for not just sufficient representations of all correct bio-physical parameters, but in addition of socio-political and monetary signs. information shortage, a scourge challenge in developing Read more...

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Water will be transferred from the Daule River through an artificial canal, sharing water in each river and stream along its path as follows (ACOTECNIC, 2010) (Fig. 4-2): Fig. 4-1 Water transfers: Daule Peripa to La Esperanza (in operation) and Baba to Daule Peripa (under construction). Other arrows indicate natural flows. • An initial diversion from the Daule river (96 m3/s). 5 m /s) towards the Estero San Vicente. 3 • A diversion (63 m /s) towards Macul River. 5 m /s) will flow along a siphon under the Vinces River, and will enter as an artificial canal to the old path of the Nuevo River where two more minor diversions will take place.

On Dr. Souris’ webpage there are several available spatial resolutions where the finest is 30m. This dataset was projected in II. The Abras de Mantequilla case study 52 UTM, datum PSAD56 (Projection for South America 1956), and Zone 17M South; however later on it was re-projected to the WGS 84 datum. Fig. 6-1 Available cartography for the Guayas River Basin. Nevertheless, it was observed that for some flat areas, namely around the Abras de Mantequilla, Dr. Souris’ data did give problems for catchment delineation.

III-10  c2  1 ln L = − T ln (2π ) − Σt∈S1 ln σ 1 + t 2  − Σt∈S2 2 2σ 1    ct2  ln σ +  2  2σ 22   Eq. III-11 where T = T1+T2 ; T1 and T2 stand for the total number of elements in S1 and S2 respectively. From Eq. III-11 the first order conditions are:  1 ct2  − + 3=0 1   σ1 σ 1  δ ln L = Σt∈S δ σ1 Eq. III-12 δ ln L = Σt∈S δ σ2 2  1 ct2  + 3=0 −  σ2 σ2  Eq. III-13 By solving Eq. III-12 and Eq. III-13 it is possible to demonstrate that: σˆ1 = Σt∈S1 ct2 T1 Eq. III-14 III. A simple pattern simulation in streamflow daily series 64 and: σˆ 2 = Σt∈S2 ct2 T2 Eq.

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