By Dieter Thom

Dieter Thom's masterful clarification and security of Classical ( ancient premillennialism )

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Von Deutschlands Nr. 1 in Sachen ErotikIn diesen verf? hrerischen Geschichten nehmen sich Frauen, was once sie wollen: Leidenschaft, Hingabe und guten intercourse. Da trifft eine junge S? ngerin auf einen Mann mit toller Stimme. Eine Single-Frau f? ngt sich ihren Typen im Supermarkt, das anschlie? ende Dinner findet in feinsten Dessous statt.

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One of these electors that received a ‘deathly wound’, will be revived. That is, one of the royal houses of Europe that was forced to abdicate, will rise again. The ten heads represent the ten countries of the Western European Union, which functioned officially as a separate political entity and parliament until recently, but which still unofficially controls Europe. The European Union President is the secular heir to the historical role played by the Holy Roman Emperor. The Antichrist will rise to power to become the President of the European Union.

Man 2:31 – 45. Beast 7:1 – 27. 2:37&38 Gold Head 7:4 Lion with Eagle's wings Ram & Goat 8:1 – 27. 2:39a Silver 7:5 Bear that is Belly & Arms Devouring flesh 2:39b Bronze Belly & Thigh 2:40 Iron Legs & Feet 8:20 Ram Two Horns 7:6 Leopard with 8:21 4 wings & heads Male Goat 7:23&24 Terrible 10 horns & iron teeth Empire Global Power Major Figures Babylonian 626 – 539 BC Nebuchadnezzar Medo-Persian 539 – 323 BC Cyrus, Darius, (Arta)Xerxes Greek Alexander the Great 323 BC to 146 BC Roman 145 BC–AD 476 2:41-43 Iron/Clay Feet & Toes Julius Caesar Constantine Holy Roman Empire Western Europe 800 – 1806 AD Roman Catholic vs Byzantine Empire Eastern Europe 324 – 1453 AD Orthodox Western and Eastern Antichrist the Integration into President of the European Union of European Union 2000 – 2060 AD 7:20-22 The Little Horn: Arrogant and Haughty The references in the Book of Daniel are paralleled in the book of Revelation.

This is one of the sources of their seven-year tribulation. This method is both illogical and unexegetical, and cannot be justified in any way. 51 A Classic Premillennial Eschatology 4. The Third Jewish Temple It is the avowed goal of Zionism and international Freemasonry to build the Third Jewish Temple, though its rebuilding is not explicitly stated in Scripture. They must first desecrate or destroy the Holy Muslim shrines of the Dome of the Rock and the Al Aqsa Mosque on the Temple Mount. This will spark the fury of Muslims worldwide and the declaration of war in the Middle East.

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